FAQ Topic: Property & Housing

How can I verify that my property is in the Town of Colma?

Unfortunately, the Town of Colma’s boundaries do not coincide with post office mailing areas. This creates a lot of confusion about who a property owner should contact about a problem or in securing a building permit.  Here is a description of these anomalies: There is an area around and including the Colma BART station that … Continued

How do I apply for public housing?

Section 8 Housing – The California Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) Program is a federal government initiative that aims to help low-income families in the state to access affordable, safe and sanitary housing. This program is operated by the California Housing Authority (PHA) which has offices spread across the state. The California Public Housing Authority … Continued

Can I rent a room in my residence?

Yes. The Town of Colma does not have any rental restrictions. However, if you are only renting or leasing the home, renting a room may likely be a violation of your lease or rental agreement, so you will want to check the agreement and the property owner.

What are my tenant rights?

To find out more about your rights as a tenant please visit the San Mateo County Department of Housing web page.

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