ADA Transition Plan

ADA Transition Plan


It is the policy and practice of the Town of Colma to take all reasonable steps to ensure its services, programs and activities are accessible to all members of the public including persons with disabilities.  The Town of Colma’s ADA Coordinator works to ensure Town departments comply with this policy by carrying out the following functions:

  • Providing technical assistance to support Town of Colma departments in complying with federal, state and local disability access laws.
  • Assisting departments in evaluating their facilities, programs, services, and activities to ensure provision of reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities.
  • Conducting training for Town of Colma employees in disability awareness, disability etiquette, disability access laws, and reasonable accommodations.
  • Facilitating the resolution of grievances filed against the Town of Colma that alleges noncompliance with disability access laws.

For a detailed update on the Town’s annual progress on the ADA Transition Plan, please click on the following years below: For a detailed report on the Town’s ADA programs please feel free to review the ADA Transition Plan, which was approved at the November 2010 City Council Meeting.

For information in regards to ADA Title II Requirements for state and local governments, please select ADA Requirements and if you need additional information pertaining to ADA Resources online, please select ADA Resources.

If you would like to make a request for Reasonable Accommodation or submit a Grievance, please select the Town of Colma’s Reasonable Accommodation or Filing a Grievance. Please allow two business days for all requests for Reasonable Accommodations to be received.

ADA Coordinator
1198 El Camino Real
Colma, California 94014
(650) 997-8300
(650) 997-3796 Fax

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