2040 General Plan

What could or will Colma look like in 2040?  By state law, each city and town in California must have a General Plan which includes 7 mandated elements. The Town has an excellent General Plan that was prepared in 1999 and updated in March 2022. The adopted 2040 General Plan can be found on the Planning Department website under the 2040 General Plan tab. The 2040 General Plan includes requirements from new state laws and several sections in this version reflect those updates.

The Town is currently undergoing a review process for the 2023-2031 6th Cycle Housing Element. On June 16, 2022, the first draft has been submitted to the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) and undergoing 90-day review.  The 6Th Cycle of the Housing Element can be found here.

The Circulation Element was updated to include “complete street” components which look at bicycle, pedestrian, and other modes of transportation other than just the car.

Please contact the Planning Department at (650)757-8888 with any comments or questions about the General Plan update or other planning related matters.

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