New Requirements for Recycling in Colma

Recycling Permits are Required

Effective July 1, 2012, individuals or organizations (non-franchised[1]) that collect and transport recyclable material in Colma are required to obtain a Recycling Permit from the Town of Colma.  Recycling Permits are available by submitting the permit application, paying a Recycling Permit fee and a business registration fee to the Town of Colma.

Recycling Permit Fees and Business Registration Requirements

The annual Recycling Permit fee is $225; the annual business registration is $25, payable to the Town of Colma.

Quarterly Reporting Requirements

Recyclers are required to complete reporting on the amount of recyclables collected each quarter in Colma. Please see the quarterly reporting template on the Colma website or see sample reports at the Town Planning Department. Note: the quarterly reports are due 45 days after the close of each quarterly reporting period. The quarterly reporting periods are based on a calendar year[2]. Send quarterly reports to or mail to the Sustainability Coordinator, Town of Colma, 1188 El Camino Real, Colma, CA 94014.

Compliance with New Requirements

Persons or firms who do not obtain a permit and continue to collect and transport recyclables in Colma are guilty of a misdemeanor as detailed in Colma’s Municipal Code, Section 1.05.010.

Additional Information

More information about the Recycler’s Permit program is available by calling the Town Sustainability Coordinator at 650.757.8888 or by emailing

[1] Republic Services is the only franchised waste hauler in Colma.

[2] Reporting periods are based on a calendar year, the reporting periods are 1st Quarter: January 1 -March 31, 2nd Quarter: April 1-June 30, 3rd Quarter: July 1-Sept 30, 4th Quarter: October 1-December 31

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