First Time Home Buying

The Town does not have a down payment or financing assistance program to help first time homebuyers purchase a home.  However, there are a wide range of local, County, State and other programs presently available to interested first time homebuyers in San Mateo County. Because each of the agencies or programs listed below will have different eligibility requirements, it is advisable to call or check out the websites of each provider.

The Housing Endowment and Regional Trust

The Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART)HEART offers down-payment loan assistance loans for first-time buyers and periodic first time homebuyer workshops. Click here for more information.

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

Mortgage Credit Certificate Program is a means of providing financial assistance to first-time homebuyers. It allows homebuyers to take fifteen percent of annual mortgage interest payments as a tax credit against their federal personal income tax. This is in addition to the regular itemized deductions for the remaining 85% of the home mortgage interest payments. This program is available on a limited basis through the California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA). For more information, please contact the San Mateo County Department of Housing at 650-802-5032.

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