NEW! Go All Electric!

Why go all electric?

Climate Change and Equity: Natural gas is a potent contributor to global warming, switching to all electric helps to build resiliency for the future.

Public Health: Gas combustion releases pollutants and can increase risk of asthma and other respiratory issues.

Public Safety: Gas appliances pose a risk of dangerous gas leaks and fires!

Save Money: Natural gas prices have risen 20% this Winter and are predicted to continue to rise. See below rebates and financing options to help make all electric a reality for your family or business!


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Piggy Bank

Peninsula Clean Energy offers up to $3000 in rebates for your heat pump water


This can be combined with the up to $2000 from BayREN

Up to $10,000 zero interest, no money down, no credit check required, to install all electric

Earn up to 3,500 in rebates for replacing your Heat Pump/HVAC system with an all electric unit

Upgrade your home with No-Cost electric appliances, energy efficiency upgrades, and home repairs when you qualify for Peninsula Clean Energy’s Home Upgrade Program.

Get PAID $50 and get FREE pick up of your old refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner.

Save $750 when replacing your gas range or cooktop with a new Induction Cooktop

Search for more incentives in our area HERE!


visit the Pocket Guide to Home Electrification Retrofits created by Redwood Energy



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