Green Transportation Options

Clean Up Your Commute!

Emissions from transportation is the largest GHG source category in Colma (and most other jurisdictions). Reducing car trips is a great way to reduce emissions and can be accomplished in a variety of different ways including biking, carpooling, and using public transit.


Biking to work or school is an easy way to reduce emissions, save money, and get exercise. See the below resources for tips on how to implement biking into your commute, and how to set up your bike for a safe and successful ride.

Bike Commuting 101 and Top 10 Tips for First-Time Bicycle Commuters

Bicycle Repair Instructional Videos

person mounting bike

Public Transit:

Utilizing Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a great option for avoiding traffic on your daily commute. The Colma BART Station located at 365 D Street can connect you to 50 stations across the East and South Bay. Visit to learn how to use BART, plan your trip, and check train schedules.

SamTrans is another great option for your daily commute on the Peninsula. Although services are focused within San Mateo County, their routes can take you as far as Downtown San Francisco and Palo Alto. Visit their website here for more information.

Sam Trans Commuter Bus

Carpool and Rideshare:

If public transit or biking aren’t appropriate for your commute, you can save time and money by carpooling. See the below for carpooling rewards and resources.

Get rewarded up to $100 for carpooling, learn more here.

Use Scoop or Waze Carpool for carpool matching.

Group of people carpooling

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