Electric Vehicles

Colma’s Climate Action Plan 2030 includes significantly expanding electric vehicle purchases and adding new electric vehicle charging stations. Below is a quick snapshot of rebates and program to help you buy an electric vehicle:

EV charger

  • $1,000 for a new battery electric vehicle from Peninsula Clean Energy.
  • $4,000 in rebates for purchasing a used EV.
  • $800 to EV owners for the purchase of a home chargers or to help pay for electricity usage from PG&E
  • Up to $7,000, for purchasing or leasing EVs in California's rebates,
  • California's carpool lane decal for clean vehicles.
  • $800 off the purchase price of an  electric bike for income-qualifying San Mateo County residents to make e-bikes more affordable, PenCleanEnergy.com/ebikes
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