Medical Caregiver Parking Permits

A Town of Colma Resident who resides within a designated preferential parking zone may qualify to receive a Medical Caregiver Parking Permit if their physician deems it necessary.


A Medical Caregiver is an individual, such as a physician, nurse or social worker who assists in the care or treatment of an individual for an illness or disability.

Medical Caregivers may also include:

  • Certified nursing assistants or medical assistants who have medical training needed to help with things like injections and the reading of vital signs.  Other duties may consist of (but are not limited to) changing dressings and bandages, administering medications and recording heath patterns.
  • A family member who takes care of dependent child or adult may also qualify.


A Medical Caregiver Parking Permit will count against the four permits per residence maximum.

  • If the residence has already reached their allotted number of parking permits, a Medical Caregiver Permit will not be issued.  A resident may choose to relinquish one of their allotted parking permits so that a Medical Caregiver permit may be issued or they can make arrangements for the Caregiver to have off-street parking.
  • Any vehicle registered to a Town of Colma Resident with a relinquished parking permit that is parked on the street during enforcement hours will be subject to the regular preferential parking zone rules.

Permit application

A qualified Medical Caregiver may apply for a Parking Permit by submitting the following to the Colma Police Department:

  • A signed and dated letter from the qualified resident that they are providing medical care to them or a dependent adult or child within their household.
  • A completed application form (link below).
  • A medical affidavit signed by the patient’s physician and the Caregiver under penalty of perjury that the care is essential to their patient’s well-being.
    • Affidavit must be signed and dated no more than two weeks before the application date.
    • Affidavit must also specify length of care needed, up to six months.


Medical Caregiver Parking permits are only valid for a six-month period.  At the end of the six-month period, a new application and a new medical affidavit must be submitted.

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