Resident Parking Permits

Up to four (4) permits may be acquired for vehicles that are properly registered to a Colma address located in the preferential parking zone. No more than four (4) preferential parking permits will be issued per dwelling.

Permit application

To obtain a permit*, the registered owner must bring the following to the Colma Police Department:

  1. Valid driver's license
  2. Copy of the current vehicle registration listing the qualified Colma address

*The driver's license and registration must show the same address (any vehicles with an incomplete registration will not be issued a permit).


  • Parking permits are valid only for the years noted on the permit.
  • New permits are to be obtained every two years.


  • Parking permits must be displayed from the outside rear window on the driver’s side of the vehicle (except for convertibles and pick-up trucks, in which case the permit must be displayed inside the front windshield), with the permit number or vehicle license number clearly visible from the outside.
  • Parking permits not placed in the proper location will be voided and are subject to a citation.


  • Parking permits are non-transferable.
  • New vehicles without license plates must be issued an individual temporary parking permit which will be assigned to that specific vehicle.  Other temporary parking permits are not to be used on these vehicles.
  • To obtain an individual temporary parking permit for a new vehicle, please bring the Bill of Sale that shows the qualified Colma address and a valid driver's license that shows the same name and address to the Colma Police Department.
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