Temporary Parking Permits

Qualified residents will have to request a temporary parking permit from the Police Department for a guest parking a vehicle in either the Sterling Park Preferential Parking Zone or the Mission Road Preferential Parking Zone, for a period longer than the two-hour maximum.

Permit request

Residents can request a permit* in two ways:

  1. Submit online form (link below)
  2. Apply in-person at the Colma Police Department

*Permit must be picked up at the Colma Police Department upon presenting proof of residence (driver's license or CA ID).


  • Temporary parking permits are only valid for a maximum of 14 days, per request, and qualified residents may only receive temporary parking permits 15 times per year.
  • Only one temporary parking permit may be in affect at one time.


  • Temporary parking permits must hang from the review mirror inside the vehicle.
  • Temporary parking permits not placed in the proper location will be voided and are subject to citation


Temporary parking permits cannot be used for vehicles registered to a Colma address.

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