Police Department Services

Note: Exact change or personal check accepted (no second party checks or credit cards).

Other Services

Attorney Requests for Audio / Video

Attorney requests for Audio/Video is $25.00 per copy for one of the following; audio cassette, video tape, CD-R, or DVD-R.  (Fees are to be paid in advance)

Vehicle Release / Recovery

Please bring the Notice of Stored Vehicle slip with you when claiming your vehicle from the Colma Police Department.  The cost is $138.00, which does not apply towards towing or storage fees.

Citation / Ticket Sign-Off

The Colma Police Department will sign off a correctable violation citation / ticket 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  There is no cost associated with this service.

Voluntary Firearm Registration

Voluntary registration of your hand guns can be done with the Department of Justice. Click for Handgun Ownership Form.

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